What is What In 10?

What In 10 is about learning quickly and efficiently in minutes. The aim is to introduce valuable good content that can help YOU the reader as a person.

What In 10 is a curated or aggregated content site with the purpose of providing wholesome value from anything from life skills to coding, as long as it provides value for readers to learn something hopefully useful for everyday life. Content is added manually for every post. No A.I. posting is allowed.

Why What In 10?

Not only to introduce useful topics but also to learn them quickly or evaluate if that is worth your time and interesting enough to dive deeper or not.

There are hundreds of millions of videos or more out there, whether it is curation or posting with an eye for good content, time and energy are required.

Life is too short. Our time is too limited. If we have to learn something, do it fast and efficiently.

How is What In 10 organized?

Every post is categorized and tagged for a browseable experience.

Why is What In 10’s styled this way?

The style of this site is inspired by my coding learning experience from a programming book in my earlier Computer Science days that taught pieces of codes with a short explanation for learning in a fixed timeframe.

Why are there braces { } in the title?

Just for fun and it looks right to me.

It can be amazing what we can learn and master with just minutes a day every day.

Be good,

The site owner of What In 10.

*What In 10 may participate in affiliates/reseller programs i.e.Amazon Services LLC Participant Program, Clickbank, etc, and is compensated for referring traffic and businesses to these companies.